The Tavis Corporation Quality Policy

Tavis Corporation has established and maintains an organized and documented quality, engineering and production management system. Our commitment is to provide our customers with pressure transducer products and related services of the highest possible performance and workmanship levels, which meet or exceed applicable requirements, while continuously striving to improve our management system.

In order to better serve our customers and provide assurance to stringent aerospace manufacturing and business system requirements, Tavis Corporation continually renews its third party registration to AS9100 / ISO 9001.

From the purchase of raw material to the shipment of customer product, Tavis Corporation continuously evaluates and refines each process element of our management system to ensure that it consistently meets the engineering specifications and quality requirements demanded of our product. To further emphasize our focus on customer satisfaction, Tavis Corporation encourages its employees to actively participate in the prevention of failures through the use of its Internal Audit, Corrective Action and Preventive Action systems.

PDFTAVIS AS9100 Certificate