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Advantages to Tavis Corporation

Benefits of Tavis Corporation VR Technology

  • Large signal output  simplifies amplification and reduces drifts.
  • Low power consumption  results from high Q indicators that do not absorb energy.
  • Sensors are completely  isolated from pressure media.
  • All elements welded in  place to assure long term stability.
  • Diaphragm free of all  restrictions - assuring true infinite resolution.
  • Output due to  acceleration and vibration is low in all axes.
  • High overpressure  capability - 1,000 times Full Range on some low pressure designs.
  • Tavis Pressure  Transducer designs are rugged.
  • Simplicity of design  enhances reliability.
  • "Wet-Wet"  capability.

VR Sensor Technique

  • Gage Assembly is  all-welded, all-metallic, hermetic construction: The Tavis Corporation VR.  transducers have an incredibly stable slope over time & environments
  • Diaphragm does not  touch sensor elements - unrestricted motion
  • Electronics are  completely isolated from gage media by welds
  • No adhesives, bonding  agents, linkages or coatings on diaphragm
  • Wet-wet differential  sensing capability
  • Thrash media  compatibility
  • Diaphragm back-up for  extreme overpressures
  • Rugged and reliable  under high stress (shock, vibration, pressure)
  • High level sensor  signal, requiring less electronics amplification: Fundamental gage output  typically an order of magnitude greater than strain gage signals, less  susceptible to degradation effects of the amplifiers over time and due to  environments (i.e. temperature extremes and radiation).

In-House Testing Facilities

  • Vibration shaker  system
  • Drop shock system
  • Thermal, vacuum and  pressure systems
  • XRF materials analysis
  • Clean room facilities
  • Coordinate Measurement  Machine for GDT verification
  • Complete metrology  department with NIST primary and transfer pressure standards
  • Production machine  shop and separate prototyping shop

In-House Soft Services

  • Independent Document  Control department with full customer configuration control
  • Class I - traceability system
  • Mechanical &  electrical stress analysis
  • Reliability and Spice  Analyses
  • CAD drafting systems  (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Altium)
  • Finite element  analysis
  • Project engineering  including management of R&D efforts and special outside testing/analyses

Technical Bulletins

Tech Bulletin101x (PDF- 91.7KB)

Tech Bulletin102x (PDF- 44.9KB)

Tech Bulletin103x (PDF- 42.3KB)

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