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Manufacturer of Custom Pressure Sensors Specializing in Variable
Reluctance Pressure Transducers and Transmitters for Extreme Environments

Tavis Corporation specializes in custom pressure transducer sensor design for your critical measurements in demanding environments. Our Variable Reluctance (VR) technology combined with meticulous attention to construction detail yield an extremely rugged and reliable instrument. Tavis specializes in low delta-P, wet-wet applications.

Tavis Corporation | Let Us Handle Your Pressure Industries Served:
Manned & Unmanned Spacecraft
Military & Commercial
Submarine & Carrier Aircraft
Nuclear Power Generation & Hydrology
Domestic, International & Extraterrestrial Applications
Tavis Corporation offers complete service from design to delivery, including qualification and acceptance testing, technical analysis and support, project management, project engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance. Tavis has been in business for nearly half a century, monitoring pressure on or near the surface of four planets, and from the depths of the Earth's oceans to super critical monitoring of the world's nuclear power plants.
Tavis Corporation | Let Us Handle Your Pressure